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    past perfect tense


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    past perfect tense

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    Past perfect
    *Formation: -had + p.p.
    He had mended the car.
    -had + not + p.p.
    He had n’t fixed the pipe.
    -had + subject + p.p.
    Had he watched the match?
    Usage : يعبر عن فعل حدث وتم قبل فعل آخر في الماضي
    After he had finished , he left the office.
    يعبر عن فعل حدث قبل فترة زمنية في الماضي ويأتي مع
    By + فترة زمنية...... past perfect.
    By midday , he had written his lessons.
    *Key words :
    After-before As soon as –when-by the time-till-until.
    *After / As soon as /When +
    past perfect + past simple
    -First he watched the film then he slept.
    After he had watched the film, he slept.
    -First I went to the Zoo then I visited the pyramids.
    As soon as I had gone to the Zoo, I visited the pyramids.
    When I had gone to the zoo , I visited the pyramids
    Gerundنستخدم صيغة فاعل after إذا لم يأتي بعد
    After playing football, I studied my lessons.
    Having played football I studied my lessons.
    *Before / By the time / When
    past simple + past perfect
    -First she cooked the food then she washed the dishes.
    Before she washed the dishes , she had cooked the food.
    -First I phoned him then I met him.
    When I met him , I had phoned him.
    -First I took money then I bought a present.
    By the time I bought a present , I had taken money.
    V+ ingفاعل نستخدم Before اذا لم يأتي بعد
    Before Going out We finished our work.
    *Till / until
    past simple {negative } + until + past perfect
    -First I studied my lessons then I watched T.v
    I did n't watch TV. until I had studied my lessons.

    - It wasn't until +past perfect + that + past simple
    It was n't until I had studied my lessons that I watched TV.
    -It was only when + past perfect + that + past simple
    It was only when I had studied my lessons that I watched TV.
    *Past perfect continuous
    had + been + verb + ing
    يستخدم لوصف شئ استمر لفترة من الوقت قبل حدوث فعل أخر في الماضي.
    I had been typing for 2 hours before he came.
    لإعطاء سبب لحدث في الماضي .
    There were floods because it had been raining for 2 days.
    -Hardly \scarcely………..when No sooner……. Than
    الأدوات السابقة تأتي قبل التصرف الثالث داخل الجملة.
    He had hardly finished his work when I left.
    عند البدء بالأدوات السابقة نضع الجملة الأولي في صيغة السؤال.
    Hardly had he finished his work when I left

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