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    The topics *
    1-Tourism and tourist industry
    2-Modern technology
    3-Computer and Internet
    7-Some one you admire most
    10-A job you like
    13-Spare time
    14-An ideal school
    15-Rain forests
    16-The important of trees
    17-Sources of energy
    18-Peace and war
    21-Food shortage

    (Tourism and tourist industry)
    Tourism plays an effective in increasing national income and that affects the standard of living it becomes one of the most important and essential industries in modern life
    It could bring million dollars to Egypt.
    Tourists need to efficient and friendly service nowadays.
    They like to try our local food so five stars hotel serve
    These types of food .Egypt also has some natural attractions
    To tourists like the beaches of the red sea and Sinai.
    They can enjoy the golden sea beaches with beautiful mountains around them and the pure water for swimming.
    They can also enjoy the sports facilities such as Windsurfing, snorkeling and scuba diving.
    To encourage tourism in Egypt we should let the world know about Egypt historical sites and beautiful landscape.
    Great measures should be taken to flourish tourism in Egypt, roads, clubs, restaurants, hotels, and markets and modern telecommunication should be provided.
    *الاتصالات Telecommunication

    (Modern technology)
    We live in a technological age and any thing seems possible.
    It took along time to develop any ideas spread all over the world
    In no time owing to the technological of the computer and
    The x-ray has developed all our life .the world becomes more unified by technology. Scientists do their best to prevent disasters.
    The discoveries and inventions of science have brought about great changes in our lives in this century. You can think of the development of the air transport, television and electrical power
    To realize what we want. Modern technology has advantage and disadvantage but many researchers are carried out to overcome its defaults.
    *موحد Unified *
    *عيوب *Defaults
    *يتغلب *Overcome

    (Computer and Internet)
    The use of computers on a large scale has been one of the
    Characteristics of modern life. It used in banks to control cash. And find out the balance of accounts and records all details. It is used in medicine and hospitals to get information about patients and made appointments to them. It helps the police to fight crime and criminals. It is used in factories, companies and trade field. In short, computers are now used in various fields and man can't do without computers.
    Through the internet you can get a lot of information easily. We can communicate very quickly by e-mail. It possible to work from home. Computers and internet make the world a small village last but not least computers have advantages and disadvantage but they were invented to facilitate our life.
    *موعد *Appointment
    *معدل *Scale
    *متنوع Various *
    *خصائص *Characteristics
    *رصيد *Balance

    As a matter of fact no one can deny that reading is the food of mind. Reading is the base of knowledge. Books have importance in our life.
    They are the main source of knowledge and culture. A book is the best friend in your spare time, you can spend with it many useful hours, and you won't hate or bored reading at all .Reading takes you to busy world of thoughts and ideas. Reading never refuses your requests and opens for you new horizons of understanding .Although we can get information and knowledge from different branches , we need some times to sit with books and to read them. Reading and books are still having their effective role in our society and keeping our knowledge.
    *أفاق *Horizon
    *مصدر *Source

    Every one of us put a plan for spending his holiday .Some one indoor games, others prefer to spend it outdoors where they meet their friends and play games or spent it in open area .Anyhow holidays are times of fun. Some prefer to spend their holidays in camps especially young people who haven't enough money .it helps them to meet people and share their pleasure with them. Going to a beach, watching fascinating ancient temples and cities, walking through beautiful scenery make us close to nature and feel relaxed. During the holiday we try to forget our troubles and enjoy our selves .we are all in a better mood.
    *معسكرات *Camps
    *قريب من *Close to
    *في البيت*Indoors
    *داخلي *Indoor
    (The role of youth)
    The youth are the backbone of any nation and no one can deny that they play an essential part in the life of their country. The task of students is to study hard to succeed and prepare themselves for the future. This is one of the chief objectives to protect the youth from bad diversions. The prosperity of country depends on its youth .By youth efforts, countries can be very productive.
    There is no doubt that work increases production. The youth should benefit their time .they can help illiterate people to read and write.
    They can take part in useful projects. They should bear in mind.
    They are the most effective power in forming the future and taking the decisions. Youth should be adapted with modern technology to be able to win the competition of science revolution. To be in a good, standard
    or position among the progressive countries. Youth should armed with science and technology. They shouldn't forget their heritages. They should keep their history and develop their present to form their future.
    Finally youth are the main stone in any nations on which its economy based.
    *ميراث *Heritage
    *انحرافات *Diversions
    *ينكر *Deny
    *العمود الفقري*Backbone

    (Some one you admire most)
    Every one of us hope to be a famous man so we admire some characters and hope to be like them. One of these characters is
    Dr Ahmed Zewail. He is a famous Egyptian scientist who is the director of laboratory for using molecular in California. He discovered the femto seconds in 1997. Which is a millionth of billionth of seconds .he was awarded the Nobel prize for chemistry in 1999. He is the first Arab to have won the prize. His portrait appeared on an Egyptian stamp in1998. President Mubarak rewarded him also. He advised all youth to value their education whatever else they do.
    All Egyptian are proud of Dr Zewail who received a great honour. He is one of the greatest scientists who present Egypt as a great country in many different fields. So I really admire him most

    One of the bad results of technology is pollution. Modern researchers prove that the environment will be in danger if man doesn't control the causes of pollution .We pollute the Nile with our hands instead of keeping it clear and pure. Many factories were built among blocks of buildings; these factories release smoke and wastes which affect air and our health. Scientists think that pollution in the atmosphere has made a kind of blanket around the earth. Heat from the sun hits the earth and is reflected away from it. As a result, the earth becomes hotter. The level of the sea will rise and many countries might be flooded .We should take more care of our environment and we should avoid causing pollution.
    *يعطي اهتمام *Take care of

    (How you spend your spare time )
    Life is full of troubles and cares .One should have spare time to enjoy himself and relax .We can spend our spare in various activities. We can read books and magazines for getting information news or only for fun we can practise useful hobbies like swimming watching TV, playing, sport, and having physical exercise . We can also spend our spare time in visiting friends and relatives. I think the best way for spending the spare time is distributing it to practise various activates and sports . After a busy day every one needs to relax and have rest. To change his mood and refresh his mind .WE need to change the activity we practise .So a spare time is a must for young and old but every one choose the best and suitable way to spend his time to feel more comfortable .
    *يوزع * Distributing
    *راحة *Comfortable

    ((A job you like
    Youth should realize that in our new society there is no place of for idle people.
    Every one thought work we can reach our goals.
    I would like to be a journalist. I want to follow the events everywhere. it is a risky work . I want to collect information and news then report them in my own words. A journalist should be able to express himself. He should know also how to treat with people in different positions, how to get the real events without causing any troubles . A journalist should be brave and wise ; he should choose the time and the place of stating his work . He should have a critical view to discuss the disadvantages of any subject . To be a successful journalist you should put your life under the service of your work.
    Idle كسلي نقدي critical
    مخاطرة Risky

    Advertising becomes a very effective activity in the field of reading. In the business world of today supplies is greater than demands. There is a great competition between companies and manufacturers of the same kind of product to persuade customers to buy their goods. Through advertising you can remind the costumers of the name and quality of their products. They can also offer prizes for some winners who will buy their goods. They try to attract the customers by any way, that is what we say soft and hard selling. There are many ways of advertising like newspaper, posters, radio, television and cinemas. Something they sing songs for their products. They also employ attractive girls to advertise their products. People never ask themselves if the advertisements tell the truth or not.

    الاحتياجات demands الامدادات Supplies
    اصحاب اعمال Manufacturers
    An idea school
    No doubt that school play a great role in forming anew generation . It was the second home for student where they complete the rest of their days and where they receive morals , Principles and education . So more attention is paid to school . They are developed greatly . We keep it clean and beautiful . A large green area is added to schools to make it more beautiful and clean . They provided with playgrounds to help students to practice sports and build up their mind . They also provided with computers and electronic equipment . Students will be able to use computers and search for knowledge and information . Every school has a developing laboratory to do experiment , They also provided with modern libraries where students can get knowledge in various fields . On other hand good teaching staff is drilled and use the best modern way of teaching . Finally education is developed and schools become very ideal.

    *Peace and ware
    No doubt that peace is away of life but war is a dreadful way for death ruin and destruction .Many nations call for peace to develop their society and to concentrare on developing it's infrastructure .Egypt is one of these nations which leads the process of peace in .Middle East Peace means security and quietness which are vital for work and right thinking but war means the waste of resources , youth and the main power of any nation peace means good relations with other countries but war means conflicting and using destructive weapons among countries. Finally we can say that peace is important for founding great projects and creating many opportunities of work for youth but peace needs to the power which protect it and keep it strong .

    We should keep in mind that money is only a means not an end . it is away for living a good life but it is not the only way for achieving happiness . May be money is the root of a lot of evils. Money should be collected honesty and spent wisely . Although no one can live without money , it causes death for a lot of people . We can not achieve our goals without money and we can also get money through achieving our goals . Do not be angry if you are not rich . it is Allah's willing to have much or a little money so you should accept it . imagine you have a lot of money but you do not have the health to enjoy it . imagine you are very rich but you can not gain other's respect and love . imagine you are rich and you can not feel happiness . So you agree with me that money is a means not an end . We should do our best to gain money correctly and in illegal way because without money we can not achieve what we want.

    It is never to late to learn
    Learning is a must for all people . Young and old should learn because the world of work is changing so fast . Young men must train and acquire the skills . That enables them to deal with the last modern technological products , they should learn how to operate and make full use of them . they can make use of the website on the internet , they can exchange information with their teachers and colleagues from different parts of the world . old people can learn and spend their spare time reading and learning about every thing around them , they can pass on their knowledge and experience to young . we should compare ourselves with those who are higher than us because if we said "It is enough " we would get lost . our motto should be "never stop , keep learning till the last day of your life . so we can say it is never too old to learn.

    (Our heritages)
    Every nation is famous for its history and heritages. Many tourists come to Egypt to watch and enjoy historical and natural sites. We should protect our heritages; The Egyptian environmental affairs agency is working hard to protect our red sea heritage. The EEAA has organized a bout captains training programme. Now every captain should be trained and pass a test before having a license. AS well as this a lot of efforts have been done to educate people who earn a living from tourism. We should keep in mind that tourists come to Egypt to enjoy the museums, the temples, the pyramids and the beaches. If we destroy these places, we will destroy apart of our national heritage, and lost the tourist industry. It is not our Owen only, it is the next generation heritage and we should let it safe to them.
    هيئة شئون البيئه المصرية EEAA
    رخصة License
    ميراث heritage

    Rain forests
    Man is cutting down the world tropical forests at the rate of 30 million hectares every year . The forests are cut down sometimes for wood some times crops can be
    planted some times to make way for roads .But forests do not regrow .The soil is very thin and the land is too poor for the forest to begin to grow again there are number of reasons of saving the rain forests several important drugs now used in hospitals have come from forests they also produce food they are rich in wild life .they cover10 % of the earth's land .The tress supply Oxygen. If the forests are destroyed .the world weather will change .Temperature will go up .Sea levels will rise too and there will be change in rain and snow .So we should do our best to save forests .To know what and how to plant .How do plants and animals depend on each other .We should know that they
    .are not only partners in our life but thou are useful for us

    The importance of Trees
    We know that all plants make their own food .The leaves of plants and trees are like factories producing their needs through photosynthesis. We also know that plants
    breathe in carbon dioxide and give out Oxygen however all animals and men need Oxygen in this process plants are useful for us to get fresh air to get our nourishment
    and to decrease pollution .Scientists began to use annual rings to know the age of tress instead of cutting them down .Trees have their own life in which their parts are helpful .The trucks supports mass of branches on which there are thousands of leaves these leveas are the food factory of the tree the bark is the outer layer which protects the living part of the tree.
    on the other hand roots have two main function one of them is transporting water and mineral salts from the ground to the trunck the second is to hold the tress securely in the ground. Trees are a goos examples for team work which we should follow in our life.

    Sources of energy
    Nothing can live without energy .Energy allows living things to move about grow and develop .Machines too need energy to work .There are many different forms of energy used in homes and industries there are fossil fuels like coal. oil and natural gases they are non renewable fuels there is another from of fuel which is renewable. They are energy from the sun .the wind the heat from rocks and even from rubbish .There is another renewable source of energy it .s water .it's used to generate Hydro-electric power .This kind of fuel is cheap to produce and it does not pollute the environment like fossil fuels .We also have atomic or nuclear energy. It's important to save energy. We should turn off the light when you leave the room .Switch off TV. And computer when you finish your work .Finally we can say without energy life will be difficult.

    Sports are very important because they are of great benefit to those who practice them.
    A sportsman is one who is interested in sports . He has the sporting spirit , which means the ability to win without boasting or lose without complaining . Sports also teach us the spirit of team and how to be co-operative . A sports man plays for the good of his team not for personal glory or fame . Sports are an activity for all , young and old , men and women . We can all practice sports . Every one choose his convenient sport to his age and ability . We can perform indoor games or outdoor games . Old people can walk early in the morning . Finally sports affect our health and as we know clear minds are in healthy bodies .

    مجد Glory
    تفاخر boasting
    ملائم Convenient

    At first we should differentiate between Islam and terrorism. Islam is the religion of peace, tolerance and safety. Our great prophet Mohamed is the prophet of mercy. On the other hand terrorism aims at destruction and ruin. Terrorists kill innocent people, children the old and women. They destroy the infrastructure of any nation. There are many terrorists in different areas of the world from different religion.
    The world should agree with our president Mubarak’s call for holding an international conference to struggle terrorism. Terrorism has a very destructive effect on all peoples. It affects economic side, diplomatic side and the social side of any nation. It is a must to unite to get rid of this harmful disease.

    Food shortage
    One of the great problem that faced humanity now is food shortage. The rate of production is less than the rate of consumption. Scientists have worked hard and through genetic engineering to change the quality and quantity of food .In this way the yield of crops have greatly increased to meet man’s needs.
    Some people are against genetically modified crops and they think that crops will be unnatural which will lead to diseases in the future. On the other hand the technique has greatly developed to grow food without soil. Vegetables are grown in submarines and food in space so food will be produced all over the world. We should less our consumption of food and know what we should prepare for our meals.
    In my opinion , I 'd like to say that …… is really and necessary nowadays and may have good positive effects on all of us . I think so because……may bring all the good to our society. In brief think that…….is really…………..
    In my point of view , I believe that………is really serious and harmful nowadays and may have bad negative effects on all of us . I think so because…………may bring all the evil to our society Undoubtedly ……..affected our life , we should do our best to find suitable answer for it .
    Mr. Ashraf

    Dear……. ,
    Introductory sentence.
    The end
    Some introductory sentence:
    1- I'm very pleased to receive your letter.
    2- Thank you for …………
    3- I'm looking forward to seeing you.
    4- what about your health.
    5- I wish you will be good when you receive my letter.
    6- I congratulate you on ……….
    7- I wish you agree to …………..
    ** some ends:
    - Remember me to all.
    - see you soon.
    - with my best wishes .
    - with love from .
    - yours sincerely.
    - waiting yours replay.
    - I'm looking forward to your reply.


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